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'Customer--Engagement' software is a goldmine for CIOs: Stewart Bloom,Aspect

Yogesh Gupta | April 11, 2014
Workforce optimisation is a secret weapon that gives 25 percent of our revenues. There is a great need for today's organisations to invest in an effective and robust customer-engagement solution, said Stewart Bloom, CEO, Aspect.

Workforce optimisation is a secret weapon that gives 25% of our revenues. We spent million dollars this year on rethinking the software in front of agents and supervisors in contact centres. We feel that the industry has done a poor job in the quality of user experience in contact centres. Very complex screens, lengthy training times and high cost of trainings. The work force optimisation suite 8 that ships first week of April is hands down the best software in the industry.

Cloud has influenced one and all -- in different ways. Has it affected software vendor like Aspect too?
Cloud is a major shift. People are now recognising its power of it being economic and as much as a technology decision. The direct enterprise customers we server at large are asking when and not if - for cloud.

Industry since 30 years has been operating on convincing organisations to buy complex software then release different versions to compete with others and then leap frog the feature set. The multiple version become difficult to support as the customer has already paid 70% fees for integration, services and annualise maintenance in the process. It is almost a year before first user goes live. That's an amazing business model tipped in the favour of software vendors. But it is hard to keep market share up and maintain the profitability.

The cloud flips the model around as it brings the users live in thirty days, proliferate the resources and offers pay as you go option. It is a fundamental shift for us maybe more important than our Video story. But an equally compelling story around what we call relationship revolution. The 1 billion smartphones will soon swell into 6 to 7 billion cell phones consumers that have more power in their shirt pockets to switch service providers or their telco with a switch of button .That's an opportunity and threat to enterprises who want to engage with the new demographic who grew with one button on their iPod or iPhone.


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