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Dimension Data updates cloud infrastructure with WAN optimisation capabilities

Veronica C. Silva | Feb. 22, 2013
By working with Riverbed Technology, customers have noted improved performance of Dimension Data’s cloud platform.

Global ICT solutions provider Dimension Data said it has included WAN optimisation capabilities to its cloud infrastructure to enable their customers to enjoy improved cloud services.

Dimension Data said it has teamed up with Riverbed Technology to be able to deliver a faster network for practically all types of operations on the cloud requiring a faster performance -- database replication, file synchronisation, backup and disaster recovery between data centres.

Nasdaq-listed Riverbed Technology, Inc. specialises in solutions that improve the performance of networks worldwide.

With Riverbed Technology's solutions, Dimension Data said it has implemented WAN optimisation controller (WOC) appliances in its Managed Cloud Platform (MCPs) in San Jose, Ashburn, Amsterdam, Sydney and Johannesburg.

Dimension Data's MCP is a fully managed cloud delivery platform that includes the cloud infrastructure of servers, storage, networking, virtualisation and operating system software. It is managed by Dimension Data CloudControl, a cloud management system that provides operational control and automation of cloud resource provisioning, orchestration, administration, and billing.

Dimension Data's WAN optimisation capability is provided as part of the company's standard public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering at no additional charge.

"With the addition of WAN optimisation capabilities, we are helping our clients overcome the latency and bandwidth constraints often associated with public cloud services," said Steve Nola, CEO, Cloud Solutions Business Unit, Dimension Data.

Enterprise applications

Nola said that by optimising the network and the cloud, Dimension Data is also providing its customers improved speed to be able to migrate their data and applications to the cloud.

Jim Metzler, founder and vice president of IT consulting company Ashton, Metzler & Associates, said some key enterprise applications can easily be performed with the public cloud optimised.  

"By enabling WAN optimisation between its cloud data centres, Dimension Data is offering organisations the ability to increase the performance of key data centre applications such as database replication and backup and recovery while bringing WAN optimisation into the public cloud as a standard feature," said Metzler.

Dimension Data added that aside from adding WAN optimisation to its cloud services, it has also recently been enhancing the overall performance and reliability of its cloud services. Last December, the company introduced an increased resiliency feature by making sure that two cloud servers do not reside on the same physical host. It also introduced a capability for customers to import and export images from the cloud to the enterprise' own data centre or between MCPs.  

Dimension Data offers public cloud services that can be accessed globally via Dimension Data Public MCPs in the San Jose, CA and Ashburn, VA, United States; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Sydney, Australia; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Hong Kong.


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