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F5 unveils new hybrid solution capabilities for organisations

Zafirah Salim | Jan. 21, 2015
These offerings fall under the company’s new Silverline banner, which marks F5’s entrance into the cloud services delivery space.

F5 Networks has recently launched new hybrid solution capabilities to offer extended security, optimisation, and availability services from hosted and managed infrastructure. These offerings fall under the company's new Silverline banner, which marks F5's entrance into the cloud services delivery space.

The launch of the Silverline platform in Asia Pacific is led by the introduction of the F5 Silverline DDoS Protection offering, which will support additional application delivery capabilities as-a-service in the future.

The F5 Silverline services delivery platform expands the company's F5 Synthesis architecture to enable application services within customers' deployment model of choice: on-premises and/or as-a-service.

F5's investment in hybrid services delivery and security intelligence licensing options mirrors the industry's rising interest in providing programmable application delivery capabilities across physical and virtual infrastructures to support Software Defined Application Services and other software-defined initiatives.

"Today's application-driven world demand organisations to cost-effectively and seamlessly deliver applications while fending off security threats by the minute. Specific IT components have become a secondary concern as the convenience of a unified services platform takes precedence," said Emmanuel Bonnassie, Senior Vice President of Sales for Asia Pacific, F5 Networks. "F5's goal is to remove barriers to deploying and scaling application services. Our Silverline offerings will make core F5 technologies available as-a-service to help customers embrace hybrid deployments without forsaking the benefits they've seen in the data centre."

According to a media statement, F5 has made significant investments as part of its concerted campaign to strengthen its security support capabilitites, bolstering the new Silverline DDoS Protection service. This includes the establishment of globally distributed scrubbing centres, one of which is based in Singapore.

Part of F5's global security operation center (SOC) infrastructure, the centre analyses incoming traffic, identifies threats, and removes malicious traffic, ultimately returning clean traffic to the destination website with little to no impact to the end user or the network.

"F5 is the first application delivery networking company to offer a hybrid solution for DDoS protection. This type of hybrid solution, combining on-premises DDoS protection capabilities with a high-capacity cloud service, provides enterprises with robust capability to absorb and mitigate a complete spectrum of DDoS attacks," added Bonnassie. "With security and attack mitigation concerns on the rise in the region, we wanted to ensure our customers are well-positioned to defend against DDoS attacks even as they increase in scale and complexity."


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