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Former Amazon cloud engineer spills to Reddit audience

Brandon Butler | May 20, 2013
Amazon is notoriously hush-hush about its internal operations

Is EBS Optimized, a premium service for Elastic Block Storage, worth it?
EBSo adds a quality of service marker to packets, he says, and by doing so will "significantly smooth out your EBS experience under heavy load instantly ... EBS Optimized instances are totally worth it if you need hardcore disk i/o."

Disks are the biggest limiting factor for increased network power in the future

This is not related directly to AWS's cloud, but the engineer makes the point that read/write capabilities are not keeping up with network traffic speeds. "We live in a world where our CPUs, memory, networks and video are many times faster than our disk throughput. What good is gigabit Internet if you can only write to your disk at 250Mb/s?"


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