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Fujitsu deploys cloud for Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Anuradha Shukla | Oct. 4, 2012
Integrated private-cloud package boosts administrative information system for Ritsumeikan.

Fujitsu's integrated private-cloud package has given a boost to the administrative information system of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.

Cloud Ready Blocks, Fujitsu's integrated private-cloud package, will help the university to easily manage course registration, process grades, and perform other administrative tasks.

Moving to the cloud has slashed the server setup time by 80 percent in peak traffic periods for Ritsumeikan giving it the flexibility to allocate servers in response to peak demand.

This upgrade to the cloud has thus increased system performance and reduced the time required to set up a server for temporary use. Fujitsu claims the setting up time has come down from one week to one day.

Fujitsu has also delivered its web-system development solution RapidWeb+ to APU. This solution enables the university to quickly set up applications needed for tasks such as classroom management and facility reservations.

New environment increases workplace efficiency

Private cloud environment has increased the workplace efficiency for APU and it also lets users to leverage a portal menu to request and change ICT resources by entering a usage scenario and its requirements.

Fujitsu's RapidWeb+ web-system development solution can automatically generate web screens to ensure the quick completion of administrative tasks. Previously, these tasks took a long time to complete as they were handled using manual input spreadsheet software.

As APU now has a clear understanding of its ICT needs, it can easily accelerate the cycle of understanding, planning, building, operating, testing, and delivering timely services in response to user needs.

Looking forward, Fujitsu will continue leveraging its experience in supporting more universities with ICT, and help APU create more value through the use of ICT in order to develop international talent.



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