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How Accenture’s internal transformation shaped its local go-to-market strategy

Chris Player | June 21, 2017
Shift to public cloud reinvigorates GSI's approach to new technologies.


Customers keep wanting more cloud

Conti said customers are becoming increasingly concerned about how to leverage public cloud, developing hybrid strategies and securing data.

“Approximately 80 per cent of our projects right now are in public and hybrid cloud,” Conti added. “A few years ago, that number was closer to 10 per cent.”

Accenture is betting big on public cloud not just due to customer demand, but also because it sees greater opportunity for what Conte described as “value-add”.

“The traditional business is still stable but is becoming very commoditised and of course in due time, we want to capture new business and position ourselves for the future,” he said.

This drive is all well and good but Conti said the challenge is the finite pool of talent which is insufficient to serve industry need.

He added that Accenture’s position in the market does make it an attractive proposition for would-be employees and while demand has driven up wages in the space, it was not the only factor applicants were considering.

The company has also heavily invested in its training programs to give potential new hires greater incentive to join.

“In the last twelve months, we have trained up approximately 200 people in various AWS certifications,” he said. “These are serious training programs, they include three days training followed by two days personal training which amounts to 100 days of training investment.”

All this investment has established Accenture as the highest certified GSI on AWS in Australia.

“We will continue to do that because our target is to reach 300 certified engineers in AWS,” Conti added.

But it does not stop there for Accenture, which is also looking to on board skills in Microsoft’s cloud platform and increase certifications to a similar level.

“We also want to do the same in other technologies as well as the ability to work across different project and technologies also attracts people,” Conti added.


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