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How compliance can be an excuse to shun the cloud

Andy Patrizio | April 15, 2016
Companies in heavily regulated industries say they can't embrace the cloud due to compliance. That's just an excuse.

He added that there needs to be a different way of selling the cloud to people who don't get it. Instead of pushing the bits and bytes angle, tell them how their people will benefit and use it. "People react better to stories. It doesn't matter if it's cloud or a car. It's about helping them understand and relate to it," Gast says. 

Castiglione says Ipswitch finds many customers are still learning the cloud, and it goes in with its own auditors who understand compliance to help educate clients. "Compliance is still the organization's responsibility, so there is no offloading of the responsibility for compliance. But there's not an established set of criteria that I've heard from customers around what they are looking for or expectations they need from a reseller," he says. 

"The only successful way is you have to build trust and relationships with these people so you can understand their concerns and where they are coming from and they are open to listening to your perspective as well. And that just doesn't happen overnight," says Crawford.


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