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Managing security of devices will be harder: Trend Micro

Zafar Anjum | Dec. 21, 2012
The volume of malicious and high-risk Android apps will hit 1 million in 2013, predicts the security company.

"In 2013 people are going to have a harder time managing the security of their devices," said Trend Micro in a statement on the shape of things to come in 2013. "Different operating platforms, interfaces and security systems will make it more challenging to manage cyber espionage which will escalate to more destructive attacks."

"The coming year will definitely see more clever use of legitimate services for illegal activities," added the security company in its statement. "As digital technology gets embedded in our daily lives, security threats are guaranteed to show up in the least expected places."

How to handle security matters in the changed circumstances? According to Trend Micro, today each device, each mobile platform requires a different approach to security. With the growth of the Android platform, the threat of malicious and high risk apps for its users also goes up.

In 2013, Trend Micro predicts that the number of malicious Android apps will triple from 350,000 by the end of this year to more than one million.

Though businesses have adopted or starting to adopt consumerization, virtualization and cloud platforms, this is going to have its security ramifications. Trend Micro says that legitimate cloud-based services have benefited cyber criminals as well - providing them with opportunities to gain, profit, steal information and sabotage their targets' operations.

In 2013, Trend Micro predicts:

1.                     The volume of malicious and high-risk Android apps will hit 1 million in  2013.

2.                     Windows 8 offers improved security-but only to consumers.

3.                     Cybercriminals will heavily abuse legitimate cloud services.

4.                     As digital technology plays a larger role in our lives, security threats will appear in unexpected places.

5.                     Consumers will use multiple computing platforms and devices. Securing these will be complex and difficult.

6.                     Politically motivated electronic-based attacks will become more destructive.

7.                     Cloud storage or not, data breaches will remain a threat in 2013.

8.                     Efforts to address global cybercrime will take two or more years to reach full implementation.

9.                     Conventional malware threats will only gradually evolve, with few, if  any, new threats. Attacks will become more sophisticated in terms of  deployment.

10.                  Africa will become a new safe harbour for cybercriminals.



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