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Mobility and Cloud Services will drive Web Security Market : David Wigley

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
We are web security experts stopping malware rampage through a multi layered defense system across large multi gigabit environments, says David Wigley, CEO, ContentKeeper.

With proliferation of social media across organizations' users, how important is the work culture as one wrong move can compromise a company's security posture?

I don't think CISOs are educating their users nearly enough. They (users) need to be told not to click anything--especially an attachment--and they should look at the address header and its intent. If it is not sent individually but to a group or with no firm address then it is definitely suspicious. Or PayPal renewal request through a Gmail address is surely a malware. Look at header information and mail subject and instantly delete if found suspicious. The sender (the genuine one) will resend the mail  if it is so important.

Why do hackers inch ahead of security vendors leading to incessant increase of breaches?

It's a bit of a war out there. Every time somebody comes out with a good defensive idea, somebody works out on how to get around it. 

It is very easy to achieve 90 percent secure level without the need to break the bank for it. Putting fundamentals in place (firewall, malware defence and desktop AV) keeps most threats out. For 95 percent protection, an extra spend is needed and 98 percent level would cost an arm and a leg. And companies can never get to 100 percent and the breach incidents will continue.

The more layers of malware security and defence in place, the more secure you are. It is like castle fortification in the medieval era wherein you build the layers one on top of the other as much as one can afford. The higher the brick wall, the better is your defence.

I won't say that all businesses race out and install sandboxing systems because the data collected might not be useful for them. But sandboxing is extremely important for verticals like banks, government to track targeted attacks and generate some defenses for the same.

What are the sweet spots of ContentKeeper in terms of enterprise size and verticals?  Does your GTM strategy revolve around greenfields or replacement market?

The main addressable verticals are large - enterprise, government, education and telcos. The bigger the network, the most cost effective are our solutions. Any vertical with lot of seats and big pipes (internet) is our sweet spot. ContentKeeper also addresses SMB segment or organizations with 500 plus users. And our largest customers have hundreds and thousands of users.

There are few greenfields but most of our GTM extends with 'rip and replace' mode. We are replacing the competitors because they don't have the feature sets needed for complex high speed networks. Issues of latency and frequent slowing down leading to bottlenecks are compelling companies to often shift to ContentKeeper.


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