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News in review: has PRISM made the cloud unsafe?

David Braue | July 8, 2013
Things have gotten so bad that the European Union approved stricter penalties for cyber-attacks and suspended data-sharing deals with the US in the wake of the PRISM revelations.

On the military front, there were reports that a US general is being investigated for leaking information related to the use of Stuxnet against Iran's uranium refinement program. South Korea suffered a cyber attack on its war anniversary, with Symantec reporting on a new piece of malware designed to delete files from South Korean users' hard drives. Even China is seeing a surge in the level of Trojan and botnet attacks from other countries, according to one analysis.

Little wonder that, amidst concerns that the government isn't prepared for a major cyberattack, the US military is planning to completely overhaul its network architecture. Working along similar lines, the UK governmentgained support for similar efforts from security heavy-hitters like BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin and BT. Signalling a broader range of cybersecurity cooperation, the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation joined cyber-security group ICSPA in a pact to work together on cybersecurity initiatives amongst Commonwealth countries.


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