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re:Cap of AWS re:Invent: 10 cool new Amazon cloud features

Brandon Butler | Nov. 18, 2014
New VM instances, and code management tools, plus a cool new service named Lambda.

Pricing: Not yet available

Availability: Coming soon

AWS Key Management Service

AWS Key Management Service makes it easy for customers to create and control the keys used to encrypt their data on the AWS Cloud. It uses the Hardware Security Module, a box that sits on customers' premises, and works with all the other AWS services. It provides centralized control of encryption including new key creation and rotation, usage policies, and logging from the AWS Management Console, or by using the API.

Cost: Pricing is based on number of keys and usage. Each key created in the AWS Key Management Service costs $1/month. If a customer opts in to have a key automatically rotated each year, each new version will cost $1/month. Customers are not charged for the storage of default service keys, which are automatically created on their behalf. AWS Key Management Service provides a free tier that includes up to 20,000 requests/month. Each operation for which a customer uses a key in AWS Key Management Service (outside of the free tier) costs $0.03 per 10,000 requests.

Availability: Now

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda was the most heralded new service announced by AWS. It runs developers' code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources for them. This makes it easy to build and manage applications that respond quickly to new information. For example, using Lambda, a user could set it so that whenever an image is loaded into AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), a thumbnail version is created. Or if an update is made to a database that change can be programmed to automatically update a business application that relies on the database. There are a multitude of use cases.

Availability: In preview now

Cost: AWS Lambda customers only pay only for what they use and are charged based on the number of requests for functions and the time code is executed. The first 1 million requests per month and the first 400,000 GB-seconds of compute time are include in a free tier. Thereafter, customers pay $0.20 per 1 million requests and $0.00001667 for every GB-second used.

AWS Service Catalog

AWS Service Catalog is a management tool for AWS resources, but hosted in the cloud. It allows enterprise administrators to select what AWS resources they want their employees deploying, in what configurations, who has access to each of these options, and then makes them discoverable to employees via a personalized portal.

Cost: No pricing details yet.

Availability: Early 2015.


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