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Singapore businesses look to cloud as key to innovation: VMware

T.C. Seow | Nov. 6, 2015
Scalability and flexibility are top attributes to stay relevant in 2016, the survey found.

VMware today (6 November 2015) revealed findings of the vForum Singapore Business Survey highlighting positive sentiments in hybrid cloud as an enabler for growth, efficiency and innovation.

According to the survey, almost all (90 percent) businesses indicated confidence in cloud's role in enabling innovation, with nearly half of businesses (44 percent) favouring the adoption of the hybrid cloud approach to their IT infrastructure.

IT and security expectations
Resource optimisation (34 percent) was the key business imperative for Singapore businesses, in line with the nation's calls for productivity and the need to do more with less. This was followed by delivering personalised customer experience (29 percent) and driving greater collaboration within their ecosystems (28 percent). The survey also revealed that businesses want technologies that are scalable (36 percent), flexible (25 percent) and simple to manage (29 percent).

While security remains a key priority in 2016, 1 in 4 (25 percent) businesses have reduced their security spend in the last year. Cost was the top barrier to technological adoption (46 percent), with 64 percent of respondents indicating that the efficacy of security in virtualised environments was dependent on the vendor. The findings allude to cautious security investments with Singapore businesses' preference for embedded security offerings, and not add-ons, as they can lead to higher costs.

Management, orchestration and provisioning of software tools, and technology complexities (16 and 14 percent respectively) were the next two barriers to technology adoption, highlighting the need for ease of implementation and management of IT services.

High importance was placed in the enablement of business mobility (83 percent) with mobile penetration at over 140 percent. The top concerns for business mobility was managing data security (53 percent), followed by application integration (30 percent).

Five imperatives for digital business
Mobile-cloud technology is driving fundamental change across every vertical, redefining how companies operate and how they engage with their customers. Results from the vForum Singapore Business Survey highlight the key role of a hybrid cloud approach and business mobility solutions in addressing this change. According to Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware, the five business imperatives to enable success are:

  1. Asymmetry in business — innovate like a start-up and deliver like an enterprise:
    As one of region's largest and fast growing mobile economy3, businesses are forced to look at technologies that enable agility, greater connectivity and productivity — the ability to scale up and innovate faster than ever before. In today's business world, upstarts have nothing to lose as they aggressively embrace new business models that change the rules of the game. Large, established businesses must recognise that the benefits of incumbency are declining. The pressure is on to innovate like a start-up and deliver like an enterprise.
  2. Entering the professional era of Cloud:
    VMware believes that the cloud industry will now move toward a more connected and compatible 'Professional Era of Cloud.' This unified hybrid cloud represents the future of IT, providing the foundation for years to come.
  3. The security challenge: Protecting people, apps and data:
    Singapore is ASEAN's most competitive mobile market, and the deluge of devices mean more security vector points with more companies potentially affected by security issues that hamper growth. Virtualisation provides a critical translation layer between the IT infrastructure sitting below and the apps and data that reside above.
  4. The next wave of IT innovation — Proactive technology:
    The proactive future will be built on intelligent automation, giving people to predict (almost) anything. The power of predictive analytics enables business intelligence that can be a great value-add, enabling greater innovation and smarter businesses.
  5. Tech-driven change reshapes the S&P 500:
    To be successful, large and small businesses, including those in Thailand, need to break out in order to stay relevant. Inaction is the greatest risk today. As IT drives transformation, businesses today have the opportunity to be the entrepreneurs and innovators at the forefront of change.


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