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SixPivot - ​Finding the ISV sweet spot

James Henderson | June 7, 2017
As the industry edges towards cloud, ARN uncovers an emerging Brisbane business playing a pivotal role in enabling channel success.

Braden Voigt - CTO, SixPivot and Faith Rees - CEO, SixPivot
Braden Voigt - CTO, SixPivot and Faith Rees - CEO, SixPivot

For many independent software vendors (ISVs), cloud remains an enigma - a mysterious area of the market that remains untested and untapped.

Yet within two years, more than 30 per cent of the 100 largest vendors in the world will introduce new software products that complete the transition from cloud-first to cloud-only, representing a sizeable industry shift.

Consequently, Australian ISVs must move with the times.

"ISVs are looking to take advantage of cloud," SixPivot CEO, Faith Rees, said.

As a cloud first innovator, SixPivot is a software development and strategic management company that works with ISVs across the country, helping partners turn product visions into successful business operations.

"ISVs are our key target market for the services side of the business," Rees explained. "We work with ISVs who have had a core business and are now looking at what can take them forward in the future.

"Our sweet spot is helping ISVs who've been in the market for a while with an on-premise product, who now need to scale and globalise - which generally means a move to the cloud."

Underpinned by six core areas - imagine, strategy, investment, build, market and technical excellence - the Brisbane-based company helps ISVs draw up strategic and future roadmaps through the cloud.

Yet in drawing on a wealth of Australian IT industry experience, the SixPivot team remain well placed to identify the common reasons why ISVs encounter challenges, and subsequently fail.

"We see five key challenges for ISVs today," SixPivot CTO, Braden Voigt, explained. "They are based around start-up mentalities, not having the right people and culture in place, alongside issues around leadership and business transformation."

In providing software development for partners, SixPivot works with a number of select ISVs each year to help them rebuild or start new product developments.

Since officially launching in July 2015, the company has increased its staff count to 17, working closely with leading cloud vendors such as Microsoft and IBM.

"The key for ISVs is around collaboration and understanding that nobody knows everything," Rees added. "There's a lot of hype but we're not about reinventing the wheel, rather seeing how we can add value."

Alongside deepening ties with ISVs at a national level, SixPivot is also building out its own solutions, through Cloud Ctrl - which was launched in December 2015.

As explained by Voigt, Cloud Ctrl enables organisations to monitor, manage and analyse cloud hosted services across a range of providers in one location.

"Cloud provider management is an evolving market and Cloud Ctrl has an extensive roadmap which makes our SaaS offering much more than a dashboard and intelligent, multi-tenant cloud billing system," he added.


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