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Start-up Spotlight - Meet the emerging tech businesses of Australia

Holly Morgan | June 23, 2017

FOUNDED — 2016
KEY TECH — Integrated data solutions, IT strategy consulting
KEY VENDORS — Microsoft, Xeppo, PSIcapture
KEY CUSTOMERS — CEC, Karrikins Group, Avico Electronics, Kelly+Partners Chartered Accountants

Umlaut IT was founded in 2016 with one clear purpose — to increase business productivity.

“We are really all about helping business get their staff delivering their core strategy without the waste that has evolved over time from poor procedures, manual processing of repetitive tasks with increasing lack of visibility,” Umlaut IT sales director Shane Reid explained.

As a result, Umlaut IT champions a consultative approach around the concept of the virtual CIO.

According to Reid, the virtual CIO strategy enables companies to gain access to a service that they normally wouldn’t be able to afford, whereby a business can receive guidance and confident direction for IT strategy including facilitation and introduction to suitable vendors to complete projects.

“IT is now essentially the engine room delivering core business services to generate revenues, so if this isn’t being done well, it can be catastrophic to a business,” Reid explained.

“The target is business’ that are at a point in their evolution where they are almost ready for a CIO, but cannot yet justify the expense."

In addition to consulting, Umlaut IT’s key practice centres around integrated data solutions, specifically in the key areas of “capture, secure, leverage and liberate”, where the company integrates platforms Psi Capture, Filebound, Xeppo and Microsoft Power BI.

“Analytics have never been so affordable,” Reid explained. “Enterprise level solutions are now within reach and how business leverage those technologies is a challenge that smaller business are now faced with.

“We provide services from initial consultancy on solutions to the delivery of a complete business analytics platform.”

For Umlaut IT, Reid said a key goal for the year is to solidify the company’s market position and build a strong referral pipeline by "delivering on every customer promise".


Olympus Technology Services

Paul Mpliokas - Director, Olympus Technology Services
Paul Mpliokas - Director, Olympus Technology Services

FOUNDED — 2016
KEY TECH — Hybrid cloud, Back-up-as-a-Service, infrastructure (servers, storage, networking)
KEY VENDORS — Dell EMC, Veeam, Aruba, Hitachi Data Systems, Dropbox, Datacore, Nimble Storage, CenturyLink

After spending years servicing every aspect of the channel, William Lusted and Paul Mpliokas launched Olympus Technology Services to put their workforce skills and learnings to the ultimate test.

“We’d collectively spent 60 years using our skills and relationships to make money for vendors, distributors, resellers and services providers,” Mpliokas explained.


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