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Start-up Spotlight - Meet the emerging tech businesses of Australia

Holly Morgan | June 23, 2017

“On occasions we were employed because of that expertise and experience but unable to influence our employers.

“The vast teams of account managers in the vendor world no longer exist with only the biggest customers with the highest spend getting any attention from the vendors.

“We saw vendor account managers with territories of 700–1000 customers. We believe that the vendors and those account managers need to lean on the reseller community to deliver that attention.”

Currently working as a duo, the intention is to grow by augmenting skills through partnerships with like-minded organisations rather than expand its own workforce, Mpliokas said.

“Because of our size it is unlikely that at this stage we will be transacting directly with the big banks, insurance companies and telcos as they are still being well serviced by the vendors directly,” he added.

“So our target customers are those who no longer are big enough to warrant direct attention from their vendor — which sounds like 95 per cent of customers these days.

“With the vast number of contacts, relationships and trust that we have developed, we are able to accelerate the time for customers to make decisions by brokering the connections between all parties,” he added.


Mark Green - Principal Architect, CloudTrek
Mark Green - Principal Architect, CloudTrek

FOUNDED — 2013
KEY TECH — Cloud, Internet of Things, data analytics
KEY VENDORS — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace, Trend Micro, Telstra
KEY CUSTOMERS — Goodlife Health Club, RACQ, Rio Tinto, QIC

CloudTrek launched after identifying a market hungry for a nimble systems integrator capable of delivering
high impact solutions to enterprise customers looking to move to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud.

“These organisations sought to exploit the benefits of the public cloud in terms of cost, scalability
and availability that were looking for experienced resources to augment their teams from a technical and importantly strategic and procedural management perspective,” CloudTrek principal architect Mark Green said.

For Cloudtrek, its strategic relationship with AWS — particularly as a Public Sector Partner — has been the bedrock of its success to date, servicing large enterprise customers that include Goodlife Health Clubs, RACQ, Rio Tinto, and QIC.

Currently, CloudTrek is making strong strides in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. Looking ahead, Green said the Brisbane-based company will build out its professional services arm of the business also.

“We take the view that when we focus on our most important asset — our people — the rest will take of itself,” Green added.


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