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Survey indicates shift in cloud computing emphasis

Anuradha Shukla | Nov. 24, 2011
Awareness required for best practices in governing and operating data and information in the cloud.

Cloud computing has shifted the emphasis from "systems" to "data", according to the results of Cloud Consumer Advocacy Questionnaire and Information Survey.

Introduced by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Cloud Data Governance (CDG) working group, the survey asked consumers to provide their input on the current state of public cloud provider maturity.

Findings of the survey show that stakeholders should be aware of the best practices for governing and operating data and information in the cloud.

The CDG working group aims to focus on delivering best practices recommendations, prioritising and answering the key problems and questions identified by cloud stakeholders in the survey.

"Cloud computing shifts the emphasis from 'systems' to 'data', and as a result, stakeholders need to be aware of the best practices for governing and operating data and information in the cloud," said Ryan Ko, one of the co-chairs of the CDG working group. "With this initial survey, we aimed to capture the current state of data governance and data security capabilities offered by leading cloud service providers. These results will be extremely useful for our future guidance and research on best practices for data governance and security in the cloud."

Understanding issues

About 50 subject matter experts in senior technical roles at organisations were questioned for this survey that sought input on various issues including data discovery; location of the data; data aggregation and inference; and comingling data with other cloud customers.

Other issues such as use of data security controls; encryption and key management practices; data backup and recovery schemes for recovery and restoration; and data remanence or persistence, were also addresses in this survey.

Commenting on this initiative Aloysius Cheang Asia Pacific Strategy advisor, Cloud Security Alliance said that CSA aims to address the key concerns of stakeholders who want to execute a data-centric security strategy in the cloud. 

"Asia Pacific is an extremely heterogeneous region and standardisation of data governance policies especially for cloud environments is key to helping accelerate the adoption of cloud computing in the region," said James Lee, director of business strategy, Trend Micro Singapore, one of the sponsors of this initiative.

"We congratulate the working group on the results of this tremendous undertaking, and look forward to the future work products, which will build on these findings to help consumers build greater awareness and seek value from the best practices defined for governing and operating data and information in the cloud."


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