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Telcos must seize the opportunity of cloud services

Graham Titterington | Feb. 12, 2010
As telcos move forward into the 4G era, and basic voice and data transmission services become increasingly commoditised, the need to find a viable model for delivering value-added services becomes more urgent for both mobile and fixed-line operators.

For their part, software vendors need to work closely with network equipment providers to provide a unified offering to the telcos.

Symantecs size gives it strength in this market

Symantec has the breadth of coverage to address several of the needs of telcos. It can provide the technology to build clean pipes, as well as playing in the next stage of providing value-added services for the service providers to resell. Telcos want their data centres to be a base for revenue-generating services and not to be solely an operational cost. Symantec is able to offer products on which they can build their own security and storage services. It can also offer the same technology from its own data centres as a service that the telco can re-badge. If the telco hosts the services, it is possible to use cloud infrastructure services such as Amazons EC2 as a failover or overflow platform at busy times.

Symantecs strategy shows the rationale underlying its acquisition of MessageLabs in 2008, with its global network of data centres and its experience in operating cloud services.

Symantecs most successful cloud service so far is a managed storage service using Backup Exec that already provides 45 petabytes of storage. The main market is the SME sector. Symantec claims that its large scale of operation cuts storage costs by 90 per cent compared with an SME providing its own storage.

Graham Titterington is a principal analyst at Ovum, specialising in IT security and business continuity.


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