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Three year old OpenStack ready to move into enterprise data centres, says Racksapce

Matthew Finnegan | July 22, 2013
Software defined networking and cloud federation are the next goals for the community.

Going forward into the next three years there are challenges and opportunities that must be faced by the OpenStack community, Beighton said.

"If you look at the two most interesting things that are happening going forward - one is how OpenStack works with software defined networking. There is a big but interesting technical challenge for how software defined networking and cloud computing come together."

Working out how to connect OpenStack to bare metal infrastructure without virtualisation is another area to be looked at, he said, as well as connecting federated clouds. Rackspace is currently undertaking in a development project around cloud federation with Cern, which will feed back into the OpenStack developer community.

Beigton said that the main challenge for the community going forward is keeping focus on improving OpenStack without overreaching. One area where focus is needed is around proposed moves into platform as a service, with EMC setting up the open source Paas project, Cloud Foundry.

"That is the challenge, keeping focus. The reason OpenStack has been successful it because it has kept its focus," Beighton said. "Paas is a different area, and I think that it should sit outside. However this is an open source project and if the members all decide that they want to combine Iaas and Paas together, then obviously I will go with that, but my view would be to not de-focus."

"Keep up that orchestration layer, work out how it combines with SDN, and lets work out how we very sophisticated federation like CERN is doing, and it will be even more successful."


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