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Top 10 cloud related job titles

Christine Burns | Oct. 8, 2012
If you visit the popular tech-focused job site and search for cloud computing related jobs, you'll get more than 3,800 hits.

If you visit the popular tech-focused job site and search for cloud computing related jobs, you'll get more than 3,800 hits. According to Alice Hill, managing director of, that's up 72% over last year.

Basically, cloud is a segment of the jobs market that is going gangbusters.

On the day Hill's team culled the list as part of the research conducted for this article, the No. 1 position that employers were looking for was Cloud Architect. The rest of the top 10 are:

--Cloud Software Engineer

-- Cloud Sales Executive

-- Cloud Engineer

--Cloud Developer

-- Cloud Systems Administrator

-- Cloud Consultant

-- Cloud Systems Engineer

-- Cloud Network Engineer

-- Cloud Product Manager

But these cloud titles, and the job descriptions behind them -- are very much in a state of semantic and substantive flux. But the "cloud" bent of the listings is quite obvious.

Hybrid titles

In addition to the top 10 cloud-specific titles, there are several hybrid titles - like DevOps, for example - that phonetically describe which two old IT silos - straight development and straight operations - have morphed into a new line item in the cloud-focused IT budget.

And still others - traditional positions like project manager, business systems analyst and network architect -- are evolving into jobs that require their occupants to work in the cloud daily.

Generally speaking, a cloud architect evaluates a company's computing needs and deploys appropriate cloud solutions to meet them. The generalizations stop there.

MICROS-Retail, a division of MICROS Systems, Inc., is a provider of technology and services for the retail industry with a customer list that includes Cabela's, Godiva Chocolatier, IKEA, Staples and Starbucks. The Ann Arbor, Mich.,-based firm posted an in-house cloud architect job in late September. Candidates need to be both expert in large scale distributed system design and implementation and must view cloud computing as the future of online services.

The company wants this person to bring its future cloud from design through post-release support with an emphasis on automated metrics collection and analysis; lifecycle automation systems, robust monitoring and alarming systems with automated repair; and automated right-scaling.

The ad says the right person will have experience with Amazon AWS, Software as a Service (SaaS) and online Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) models; be comfortable with the technologies, the tradeoffs, and the design patterns of the cloud; have a strong and proven Java and object-oriented development skills; and, have Perl, Python, Ruby or other scripting language experience.

It would be useful, also, if the job seeker has created large Internet-scale distributed systems, has created other PCI-compliant solutions, understands distributed databases and sees the big picture of delivering a 24x7 service.


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