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Top 8 Cloud Trends for 2017

Jonah Kim, Product Manager, APAC, Tableau | Dec. 12, 2016
Singapore is becoming the second most cloud ready country in Asia.

6. Flexible analytics solve IoT's last-mile challenge

With large quantities of IoT data now easily ingested into cloud storage, the focus is shifting from capture to analysis. Organisations are demanding analysis tools that seamlessly connect to and integrate diverse forms of cloud-hosted data.IoT data tends to be heterogeneous and stored across multiple systems. It's no small feat to access and understand all that data. As a result, the market is calling for analytical tools that seamlessly connect to and combine a wide variety of cloud-hosted data sources. These tools enable businesses to explore and visualise any type of data stored anywhere and maximise the value of their IoT investment.

In recent research, IDC has also revealed that as the big data analytics market in Asia Pacific continues to mature (with cities in the region getting smarter and more connected), there will be a growing demand for cloud-based delivery of business analytics services, amongst others.

7. Service providers shift from software deployment to change management

The growth of hosted software is changing the game for service providers. No longer just deployment consultants, service providers are also becoming trusted advisors for their customers as they move to the cloud.

Service providers have traditionally focused on technical support for complex software deployments, and rightly so. But in the age of cloud, hosted software erases many of the deployment challenges associated with on-prem.
This shift is creating new opportunities for service providers. As subject matter experts, they are now providing guidance on cloud deployments that range from change management to best practices for cultural adoption of new technology.

8. Collaboration comes standard with all applications

Collaboration takes time, and a lot of it. In fact, collaborative tasks have recently ballooned by more than 50 percent. But features baked into cloud applications are helping to streamline teamwork in the office.

Collaborating with data is also becoming easier. Modern analytics tools seamlessly incorporate sharing and collaboration features. These self-service products are helping people easily share data and dashboards, all within their browser. Similarly, intelligent features like subscriptions and recommendations are taking the pain out of collaboration in large groups. This new cohort of cloud applications help people stay focused and productive, effectively transforming collaboration from a time-sink to a value-add.


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