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Verizon Business and McAfee shape up to offer joint cloud services

Graham Titterington | Nov. 4, 2009
Verizon Business and McAfee have announced a partnership to develop a cloud-based security software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering as part of a wide-ranging deal.

SaaS offerings, on the other hand, are economic standardised offerings that are designed to appeal to a wide customer base. Whilst individual users may have the ability to configure some service parameters (depending on the service), the model relies on every user having a common application or sharing a single application.

It would be simplistic to think of one model being for the big and powerful, and one for the masses. It is more useful to think of different types of service being suitable for different business needs. Some organisations will use both types of service at the same time.

This is a broad and long-term relationship

The new agreement between Verizon Business and McAfee is wide ranging and deep. It shows that both players view it as a long-term strategy. In the short term, McAfee will make more use of Verizon Businesss substantial consulting resources and its channel, while Verizon Business will adopt the entire range of McAfee products. In particular, Verizon Business will offer McAfees PCI DSS security service for Level 4 merchants in the payment card industry, to complement its own consultancy-led services for higher ranking merchants. The two vendors will cooperate on the development of cloud-based IT services, as noted above. Finally, McAfee will rationalise its own data centres and outsource the management of the remaining facilities to Verizon Business. The partnership is backed by substantial investment in both intellectual capital and physical facilities by both parties, and cannot be dismissed as a transitory marketing convenience. We believe it will be a blueprint for similar agreements across the IT industry.

Graham Titterington is a principal analyst at Ovum, specialising in IT security and business continuity. 


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