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When cloud meets 'big data'

AvantiKumar | July 21, 2011
Opportunities for Malaysia with the intersection of cloud computing and 'big data', says EMC.

EMC Forum 2011, KL

PHOTO - (From left) Cheam Tat Inn, managing director, EMC Malaysia;  Par Botes, chief technology officer, EMC APJ; and David Webster, president, EMC SEA at EMC Forum 2011, KL

KUALA LUMPUR - There are opportunities for Malaysia with the intersection of 'big data' and cloud computing, according to technology solutions firm EMC Malaysia.

"The combination of cloud computing and big data presents significant opportunities for IT departments as well as business opportunities for organisations," said EMC Corporation president, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, David Webster, speaking in Kuala Lumpur in mid-July 2011. "Cloud computing has evolved into a fundamental architectural change rather like the development of viaducts in the Roman era, the coming of railways in the 19th century and elevators, which allowed the forming of high-rise constructions and the building of cities."

"'Big data', which is correlated, coordinated information from multiple sources gives different deep insights across and within different industry sectors," said Webster. "The use of 'big data' analytics is already being used in Malaysia in the oil & gas sector, by Petronas, and could be enhanced into a global role in sectors such as the creative content and multimedia production industries."

"There will be a shift towards information-centric applications and services with the use of 'big data'," he said. "Currently IT professionals face challenges with budget constraints, data deluge and security. Consider that more than 75 percent of IT budgets go to just maintain IT, which leave a small balance for innovation. For more agility and to exploit business opportunities, IT professionals need to use 'big data', made possible by the adoption of cloud computing, to squeeze out more innovation as well as to gradually shift the budget ratio away from mere maintenance."

"The challenge of data deluge, in particular is alarming: when you consider that the digital universe in 2010 has about 1.2 zetabytes and that in 10 years, we expect to see this grow to 35 zetabytes, 90 percent of  which is unstructured data," said Webster.


 Shift to cloud and 'big data'

"In addition, security of information is a global challenge as evidenced by cyber attacks and the hacking that has caused the closure of the News of the World, while Botnet activities were experienced by 88 percent of companies, according to a recent RSA Security Brief," said Webster. "The current security model is based on digital signature and physical security. However, we need to shift to a virtualised model that is information-centric rather than infrastructure-centric; from physical to logical security to enhance trust."

"Virtualisation has allowed the freeing of software and hardware and enabled multiple applications across different platforms," Webster said. "The shift to cloud is now happening, which gives the potential to reduce costs."


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