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Which technologies will disrupt Malaysian businesses in the next five years?

Nayela Deeba | March 28, 2017
IDC’s Pranabesh Nath – who will be speaking at the upcoming CIO Conference in KL – also provides advice on how Malaysian organisations can move beyond being technology optimisers.

CIO Asia:  According to IDC, there are three clusters of digital transformation users: digital transformers, technology optimisers, and technology disruptors. Which category do most Malaysian businesses fall under? Why?

Nath: Currently, we see most businesses in Malaysia falling under the Technology Optimiser category, where adoption is proceeding at a brisk pace in many technology areas across industries but there are local cultures and traditions that need to be embedded, which slows down the process.

There is quite a bit of adoption in third platform technologies as noted above, and it is growing. In general, Malaysian enterprises fall behind leading countries such as Singapore, Japan and Australia, when it comes to data adoption. These are some of the reasons why we think the classification of Malaysia as a 'Technology Optimiser' is rather apt.

CIO Asia: What do Malaysian CIOs need to do to get to the next stage of the IDC DX Maturity Landscape?

Nath: One key aspect to consider is: are CIOs using outdated digital transformation frameworks?

Most organisations today are looking at utilising digital technologies to innovate in their products and solutions. Many are experimenting with innovation initiatives or projects, but have not been able to reach the scale required to make it part of their entire business. This is because integrating these projects with existing business products, processes and legacy IT systems is a challenging task. It creates new technology silos, duplicative technical infrastructure and teams.

IDC's Leading in 3D concept is our solution to this problem, as it provides a comprehensive, process-driven approach to technology management: integrating -- in a systematic fashion -- innovation, speed, agility, and customer responsiveness with predictable, optimised IT infrastructure.


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