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AirPods review: They sound great, but Siri holds them back

Susie Ochs | Dec. 20, 2016
iPhone fans will love the sound and design of Apple's wireless earbuds, and no, they won't fall out of your ears.

This button lets you pair to a non-Apple device, if you must

The back of the charging case has a round white button that’s barely visible. With the AirPods in the open case, you can press and hold that button to turn a tiny LED in the case white. That means they’re in pairing mode, and you can pair them to an Android phone or another Bluetooth device, although without Siri or the extra features. I haven’t experimented with that for this review, but we’ll do a followup soon.

Bottom line

The three-button remote on wired earbuds is a much faster, easier way to control your music than double-tapping one ear and then trying to get Siri to do what you want. But I can’t help liking the AirPods—the cool design and powerful sound just keep me coming back. I just wish they had another gesture, or smarter/faster Siri, to be as convenient as what they’re replacing.


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