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Arcsoft Simplicam review: Sophisticated security done simply

Michael Ansaldo | Nov. 10, 2015
True to its name, Simplicam offers an intuitive, highly customizable home monitoring solution.

The second is its ability to calibrate the camera’s sound and motion sensitivity and set detection areas. The first two are accomplished by adjusting sliding scales that range from “Bam” to “Whisper,” and from “Crash” to “Tiptoe” respectively. The last allows you to designate motion detection areas by tapping squares on a grid overlaid on the video. This feature, in particular helped me stanch the fire hose of alerts I was receiving every time my cat wandered into frame of the camera.

As for Simplicam’s marquee feature, it was fairly successful in detecting faces, but less so in recognizing them. After I added mine to the face recognition manager—which entailed it taking series of front and profile pictures of me—it usually, but not always, alerted me when I passed in front of the lens. Unfortunately, I had it set to not notify me in those instances. To be fair, Simplicam’s website warns that it can take several weeks to really learn your visage, a luxury it didn’t have during my testing.

Bottom line

Aside from the hiccups with its facial recognition–which will likely get smoothed out soon; Simplicam is soliciting customer feedback to improve it—Simplicam worked as-advertised in my hands-on, no small thing in the often-buggy world of security cameras. Its performance, extensive customization options, and cloud-storage subscription fees that start below the usual $10 per month are plenty to recommend it.


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