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Best apps for printing from iPhone: How to print wirelessly from your phone

David Price | Aug. 23, 2013
Printing direct and wirelessly from your iPhone is easy and wonderfully convenient. Here, then, are 5 of the best apps for printing wirelessly from iPhone.

Printing wirelessly from your iPhone is easy these days, and wonderfully convenient. The AirPrint standard is built into many new printers; if yours is AirPrint-compatible, you can use the printing option that appears in iOS's sharing palette from Mail, Safari and numerous other apps. It's as easy as posting a link to Twitter. (

But printing direct from an iPhone (or an iPad, for that matter) doesn't begin and end with AirPrint. Some printers, for a start, don't have AirPrint support but do support wireless printing in other ways - you may be able to email documents to the printer, for instance. And provided your printer is on the network, plenty of third-party apps are available to let you print from your iPhone; many of these are free, while others may offer valuable additional features on top of those provided by AirPrint.

Here, then, are 5 of the best apps for printing wirelessly from iPhone.

Print n Share
At £6.99, Print n Share isn't a cheap option; but it's a high-quality offering that's worth every penny. Print & Share is a simple, elegant iPhone and iPad app that lets you print pretty much whatever you want - emails, images, contacts, iWork and other documents - to any network-connected printer you like. You can print using 3G, too, and it's also strong on PDF conversion.

ezShare Pro
Now we move up a level: ezShare Pro will set you back a cool £10.99. But this is more than just a printing app: ezShare is a versatile file management iPhone app that lets you log in and access documents from a range of WebDAV and cloud-based servers, as well as folders shared on a local network. ezShare will print most documents but, unlike most iPhone printing apps, won't let you print photos or web pages.

Canon Easy-PhotoPrint
If that's too much, don't worry: there are plenty of free alternatives, usually provided by printer manufacturers as companion apps for their wares. One good example is Canon Easy-PhotoPrint, which lets you print photos stored on your iPhone, scan documents from compatible Pixma multifunction printers and save them to your handset over Wi-Fi.

ePrint Free
Here's another free option; it's a trial version of the full app ePrint, which costs £1.99, but still offers a decent range of customisation options, from card and calendar printing to a sepia filter for your photos.

Epson iPrint
If you own an Epson printer this is the obvious choice; it lacks versatility in that respect but is otherwise appealing. You can print photos, web pages and Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents, scan images and documents to be saved on your handset, access and print files from online storage services including Dropbox and Evernote and even configure your printer's settings remotely.


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