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CIO Summit 2013 Hong Kong: Lenovo and IT Priorities

F.Y. Teng | Aug. 1, 2013
What the world's top PC maker is going to do to help CIOs solve their problems.

Kevin Beck, Senior Worldwide Competitive Analyst, Customer Centers, Lenovo

The CIO Summit 2013 Singapore has just concluded, and next up is the Hong Kong edition of this event for CIOs by CIOs, which will be held on August 27, 2013 at The Mira Hong Kong in Kowloon. Kevin Beck, Senior Worldwide Competitive Analyst, Customer Centers, of the world's number one PC maker, Lenovo, will be one of the main speakers of the day. We caught up with him recently to ask him about the state of enterprise IT today, and its impact on his business.

What are you hearing from your customer CIOs about their top priorities today?
Their top priorities are: risk control and compliance-both data at rest and data in motion-and associated security concerns; BYOD and consumerisation-the multiple aspects of their manageability and security concerns; and, the shelf life of their technology acquisitions-specifically, they want to know in detail what they're buying, how long they are going to last and how much their ownership is going to cost them.

What would you say are their best approaches for meeting these priorities?
As a long-standing global leader in commercial PCs, we have had many years' of expertise in working with our customers to put in place the best technology infrastructure for their needs. In our view, it is important to consider the following to address CIOs' priorities.

Compliance-buying the right device with the right technology and therefore can be managed and secured so that security and compliance standards can be met.

BYOD/Consumerisation-this starts with the right device as well, but CIOs, must also take into consideration the long term costs of bringing consumer level devices into a business IT environment. For example, non-standard security requirements and MDM costs.

Shelf life of technology-this also starts with purchasing the right business ready device.  Devices with proven manageability and security track records will be more cost effective in the long term versus consumer-grade devices that must be reevaluated regularly. For consumer tablets with ever-changing operating systems and fragmentation of these OSes.

How are you and your organisation responding to current trends and moving towards helping them resolve their issues in these areas?
Lenovo will continue to invest heavily in innovation and in staying ahead of the needs of businesses in this day and age. We have 3,500 R&D engineers strategically placed around the world, a solid foundation for innovation programs. Our commitment to innovation continues to deliver the best products in the industry for our customers, and is at the heart of our business as a personal computing company.


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