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CIO Summit 2013 Kuala Lumpur: NetApp and the Focus on Business Value

F.Y. Teng | Sept. 3, 2013
Get maximised ROI from your current IT infrastructure, and plan to gain the same from investments in new technologies always.

How is your organisation moving toward helping them?
There are four trends driving businesses forward at the moment-cloud, mobility, social media and big data. All four trends are focusing on seeking cloud acceleration and integrated technologies to ensure business growth.

If you look at our portfolio and our recent acquisitions, our business is aligned to meet the needs of our customer's business challenges versus being product centric. Additionally, we're aligning with our alliance and channel partner community to incorporate best in breed technology and this allows us to specifically meet their core business concerns and needs.

What will be the most important trends, in your opinion, to emerge in the next couple years in enterprise IT?
The biggest trend would have to be the move towards service providers and making big data more accessible. The cloud and service provide market place is still far away from being mature as more than 50 percent of revenue is being spent on getting services implemented and deployed versus the actual service usage itself. In coming years, service providers will need to refocus on ensuring customer profitability and ensure we'll enabling customers to be cost efficient.

In this cloud area, traditional channel partners are embraced within, the hybrid channel partner is the new norm-and to consider new business models in their programs, processes, and system designs, to ensure they monetise from the cloud trend. Hence, NetApp is working with focused partners with a series of enablement sessions-to help partners accelerate the development of cloud solutions through advisory, management and integration professional services.

Secondly, we're going to see the importance of big data and emerging analytics become more important. Today, technology is revolving around mobility, social enterprise and cloud. The data around these technologies are going to be the driving force to ensuring business and cost efficiencies. In the coming year, big data is only going to grow in importance and the analytics from it is going to be a key driver for business development.

How are you and your organisation preparing to help CIOs overcome the challenges brought on by these trends?
At NetApp, we're pushing the boundaries of being a technology vendor. For us it's about driving optimal value and ensuring that we're taking the time to thoroughly understand our customer's needs.

Using NetApp's strategic consulting offerings that range from advisory shared and knowledge services (to offer organisations strategic assessment and transformation advisory advice), advanced consulting services around infrastructure and storage management, it is our main emphasis in our business moving forward to ensure we have a clear understanding of our client's business problems and the solutions they seek.


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