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Ezviz Mini review: The only thing smaller than this security camera is its price tag

Michael Ansaldo | Jan. 12, 2016
This tiny Wi-Fi camera is big on value, offering most of the features of its bigger competitors at a fraction of the price.

Setup and usage

Setting up the Ezviz should be simple, but in reality it was a little quirky. After registering through the app you’re supposed to scan a QR code—either the one on the bottom of the camera or the one affixed to the Quick Start brochure—enter your Wi-Fi details, and be up and running. I couldn’t get the Ezviz app to recognize either QR code, however, and after several minutes of trying I opted to manually enter the camera’s serial number to get things going.

The Ezviz Mini’s tiny dimensions make it easy to nestle in tight, inconspicuous spots, which can reduce the Big Brother feeling of being monitored. Video is crisp in both day and night mode, but there is some image bending at the edges. You can view video in portrait or landscape mode, or, if you have other Minis installed around the house, as part of a four-camera multi-view to give you comprehensive home monitoring.

Motion detection is hit-or-miss with even the best Wi-Fi security cameras. Depending on the detection algorithm and the sensitivity of the sensor, you may get too many or too few alerts. The former leads to lots of false alarms when the camera picks up incidental movement like the fluttering of a curtain; the latter could mean you’re not notified of a legitimate security event. That’s why many cameras mitigate this with fine-tuning tools that allow you to define detection areas, adjust the frequency at which you receive notifications, or otherwise calibrate this feature.

The Ezviz Mini’s motion detection is definitely on the sensitive side. At one point I was getting alerts every couple of minutes, but often when I viewed the video of the triggering event, there would be no discernible motion. Unfortunately, the Ezviz app doesn’t offer much recourse for reducing these false alerts. You can try—as I did, successfully—moving the camera to another position in the room. If that doesn’t work your only option is to turn off notifications altogether and just keep an eye on your live security feed.

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The minimalist EZVIZ app lets you connect up to four EZVIZ Mini cameras for comprehensive home coverage.

The Ezviz app, which controls all the Ezviz Mini’s functions, is incredibly clean. It’s not very intuitive, though. There’s little to indicate what features are available or how to use them.

Through trial and error, I figured out that tapping the video image on the home screen opens a video feed page with most of the camera’s controls. Beneath the video window—where you can view up to four camera feeds simultaneously—is a toolbar from which you can turn the camera on and off, mute audio, select single or multiple camera feeds, and zoom up to 8x on the image (this is a software zoom, not a true zoom lens).


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