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Fuji Xerox APAC introduces gold and silver dry ink printing

Zafirah Salim | Feb. 5, 2015
The new Colour 1000i Press is the industry’s first production printer with such printing capabilities.

Fuji Xerox launched today in the Asia Pacific region, including China, the Colour 1000i Press - the company's latest production colour press and the industry's first xerographic production press to offer both metallic gold and silver dry inks.

The gold and silver dry inks - developed by the company's Emulsion Aggregation (EA) technology - are ellipsoid-shaped inks with flat reflective pigments completely covered by toner particles.

Orienting the reflective pigment particles in parallel to the print media allows the reflective pigments to reflect light after the image is fused onto the media, thereby achieving a metallic appearance. Furthermore, the reflective pigments do not allow light to pass through, thereby enabling metallic printing on various media, even dark-coloured ones.

With these new dry inks, what has been conventionally achieved using offset printing can now be delivered through a single production printer, which improves workflows for printing companies while also contributing to expansion of businesses through widening printing applications with the gold and silver dry inks.

Expanding creative printing potential

At the product launch held at Fuji Xerox Towers in Singapore today, Daniel Kwintner, Director of Ingenious Design Pte Ltd, spoke about how metallic colours that are incorporated in product packaging can help to elevate the brand image.

Highlighting the importance of product packaging, Kwintner said that "package is the ultimate touch point for consumer product brands."

Gold packaging for instance, suggests expensiveness, luxury and high-quality. On the other hand, silver packaging implies elegance and sophistication. "It is more gentle than gold and suggests a conservative and trustworthy product, or a modern hi-tech look", he said. 

The new Colour 1000i Press and its specialty inks essentially offer businesses the option of adding marketing effects and increasing the perceived value of prints.

"Having metallic ink directly within the digital printing machine can also help cut an extra process and facilitate premium customatisation that will help the consumer feel more connected with the brand," said Kwintner. "Besides this, it allows clients to easily test and innovate without the constraint of minimum order quantities (MOQ) and lead time."


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