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How to print multiple images on a single page

Lesa Snider, | June 8, 2011
Several handy printing techniques save you ink, paper, and time.

When it comes to printing images at home—whether they be drawings, graphic art, or photos—the cost of paper and ink add up quickly. That’s why it’s handy to know how to print several images on the same page.

Aside from printing contact sheets—a grid of thumbnails that’s great for quality comparison or even test prints—or distributing images of different sizes to friends, this technique is useful for showing off your work in a mini-portfolio. In this article you’ll learn how to print multiple images per page using iPhoto, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Bridge, and Photoshop CS4 and CS5.


iPhoto ’11

Printing multiple photos per page is easy in iPhoto, though there’s a slew of options to wade through. Start by highlighting the photos you want to print by Shift- or Command-clicking them (it doesn’t matter if you’re in Events, Photos, album view, or even Edit mode). Choose File -> Print (Command-P) and iPhoto opens the Print Settings pane. The important thing here is to understand the difference between a photo layout and a page; each photo layout holds up to four photos and each letter-sized page can hold two of those photo layouts. Pick a customizable theme from the list on the left—either Simple Border, Simple Mat, or Double Mat—and then use the “Page 1 of 2” arrows in the pane to scroll through page previews. At the bottom you can pick paper size and print size (in other words, what size layout you want printed on that size paper).

Click Customize and you’ll land inside a mini page-layout view where you can fine-tune the photo zoom level and location within its placeholder (click a photo to summon the Zoom slider; click within the photo to move it around inside the frame). At the top of the window, you can choose to see thumbnails for the layouts themselves, or thumbnails of the photos for printing. Drag a photo down into one of the placeholders to replace what’s there, or drag the same photo into multiple placeholders to print multiple copies (like a school portrait package). Use the buttons in the toolbar to switch themes, change background and border colors or styles, and choose the number of photos included in each layout.

If a photo needs editing, you can double-click it or click the Adjust button. Settings lets you tweak caption font and size, turn on “Show crop marks” (handy if you’ll use a paper cutter to separate the images), and more.


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