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New 3D printing DRM copies Netflix's moves to blockade physical pirates

Ian Paul | Aug. 29, 2013
Once 3D printing becomes mainstream, manufacturing companies fear that open season will basically be declared for piracy of physical goods--just as digital downloads reshaped the music industry. Why purchase that fancy new iPhone case, after all, when you can just grab the digital CAD file for free from a website and print it at home for just the cost of some plastic filament?

Windows 3D workflow

Authentise's solution should be far more palatable than having a virtual 3D printing cop embedded in your PC, but as with most forms of DRM, SendShapes is also just begging to be cracked.

But even if SendShapes isn't bullet proof, it doesn't mean it won't work overall. People have proven through the success of iTunes, Spotify, and Netflix that if a convenient commercial method is available for buying digital goods, it will beat piracy every time--assuming it charges a reasonable price for a quality product with few restrictions, that is.


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