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PC sales plunge further, as Windows 10 and Skylake CPUs fail to inspire upgrades

Mark Hachman | April 12, 2016
Gartner: "There was no particular motivation for U.S. consumers to purchase PCs in the first quarter of 2016."

Overall, U.S. PC shipment volume was the lowest in three years, falling 6.6 percent to 13.1 million units, according to Gartner.

That, and the fall of HP Inc., were the stories of the fourth quarter. HP, navigating through its split with the enterprise side of the business, saw PC sales fall 14.1 percent according to IDC (or a drop of 17.3 percent, according to Gartner), pushing it from first to second in U.S. PC sales. HP sold 3.1 million PCs, according to Gartner, compared to 3.5 million for Dell, which saw modest growth of between 3 to 4 percent.

idc q1 2015 ww sales
IDC IDC placed Apple over Asus in first quarter 2016 U.S. PC sales.

“Vendors that had a strong consumer focus struggled to increase sell-in shipments,” Gartner’s Kitagawa said. Stronger sales of two-in-one PCs didn’t offset the decline in overall shipments, she said.

Updated at 4:41 PM with additional details.


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