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Share photos from your DSLR, no computer required

Derrick Story | July 1, 2013
You don't need to crack open your laptop to tweet out high-quality photos.

Raw shooters who don't capture that many frames can bypass the RAW+JPEG workflow and just go with Raw. The iPad will see your files and let you play with them just fine. And in fact, the Raw files will even be uploaded to your Photo Stream. Just keep an eye on the free memory on your iPad—it will shrink quickly.

I've also found that wireless transfer using the Toshiba FlashAir SD card fits in well with this workflow. I shoot RAW+JPEG, as discussed before, then use the free Olympus Image Share iOS app to select the images that will be copied to my iPad. The cool thing about Image Share is that it only copies the JPEGs and leaves the Raw files alone. This simplifies the entire workflow. Then later, when I return home, I copy the Raw files to Aperture on my Mac.

Hopefully, one of these scenarios will be a good starting point for your mobile photography workflow. Once you figure out the combination of tools and settings that are right for you, practice a few dry runs to work out the kinks. Then you should be ready to hit the road with your camera and iPad...and a few pounds lighter since you ditched your MacBook.


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