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Third-party apps remains security weak point

Jeremy Kirk | Jan. 18, 2011
Microsoft is still burdened with a bad reputation among users for security, although figures show its products are more secure than most on a person's computer, according to new data from the Danish security vendor Secunia.

Secunia built its own auto-update program. The company's PSI 2.0 will auto-update many products with the latest patches, Frei said. PSI is free, and Secunia sells a corporate version of the product called the Corporate Software Inspector.

One of the companies that has improved dramatically is Adobe Systems, hammered a couple of years ago by the discovery of many vulnerabilities in its Reader and Flash products, Frei said. Adobe has an auto-update mechanism for Reader, Acrobat and Flash.

In November, Adobe introduced a sandbox in its Reader X product, which seals the application off from attacks designed to tamper with, for example, a computer's file system or registry. Frei said it is too soon to say how that has affected the product's security.


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