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The worst thing about Infra-as-a-service is oversizing: Piyush Somani

Yogesh Gupta | June 28, 2016
CIOs should resist ‘Infra oversizing’ approach advocated by channels and consultants to move towards ‘pay-per-consume’ cloud model to reduce IT costs and business growth says Piyush Somani, MD & CEO, ESDS Software.

A 'Make in India' Cloud Company ESDS is competing  with big cloud providers and technology giants in India. This Nashik headquartered company offering Datacenter and Managed Services claims it has the technology to transform commodity based computing into utility model.

Piyush Somani, MD & CEO, ESDS Software spoke at length to ComputerWorld India on the state of cloud services in India and the competive landscape. "eNlight cloud (pay per consumption) is industry's game changer with our auto-scaling of computing resource delivering 100% availability of customer applications,"he says.

Edited Excerpts.

ESDS claims to be India's First Cloud Patented Company. Can you please elaborate on this benchmark?

The real reason to launch a cloud platform was that we had acquired two small hosting companies in UK which started doing well from 2007 onwards. We had VPS hosting customers and the virtualization customers we had during those days often found their IT infra under pressure during Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter as VPS would go down and resources were not sufficient. A situation where business is good, but resources don't scale up is not desired by any company.

We hired freshers and toppers from engineering colleges to help change the compute power in real time. By 2011, we had the product platform ready with the reality of interchanging CPU and RAM in virtual machine in real time. It could be upscaled or downsized in an automatic manner. We immediately filed for a patent for this technology in US, UK and India. However it took four years as big cloud tech OEMs tried to create some issues. On 03 November 2015, ESDS became the only Indian company to receive a Cloud Computing patent from USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office). No one else in India has a patent on cloud.

How different is ESDS Cloud story than that of other tech OEMs and cloud providers?

Everyone in India only offers 'virtualization as a service' and they call it cloud. You don't have Amazon, Microsoft or soft layer hosting out of India. The ones hosting out of India are simply offering virtualization from their datacenters. And that's not cloud. Cloud gives you flexibility, scalability and an independent environment from OEMs.

With virtualization, the infra gets splits into multiple virtual machines to run applications. The companies can move VMs from one infra to the other but those virtual machines cannot grow. We are the only company in the world which offers vertical scaling technology. The entire world and other OEMs work only on horizontal scaling.

Load balancing was converted into software defined load balancing and then cloud.  On other clouds, they will give thousand instances of same size but those instances cannot grow in real time. With our technology, the instances can grow in real time and only when it approaches threshold limit, the companies need to horizontally scale.


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