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How Did 3 Major Chinese Internet Companies Supercharge Their Expansion Into Southeast Asia?

Richard Pain | Nov. 8, 2017
We examine how 3 major Chinese companies expanded their services across Southeast Asia by partnering with Zenlayer and Telin Singapore.

This company wanted to expand its services to end-users across Southeast Asia and globally, but above all else, they needed to guarantee low latency network stability, particularly with their live streaming services.

Zelayer & Telin Singapore met these needs with its world-class data centres across the region, offering fast deployment, low latency and direction connection to public clouds. As a result, the company was able to provide stable access to its users globally, creating customer satisfaction and allowing for smooth and quick business expansion across Southeast Asia and the United States.


One of China's Leading Cloud Computing Service Providers:


In this case, the cloud provider needed to lease IT infrastructure in order to expand their service in Southeast Asia. Crucially though they were under a tight budget and timeline to go live, whilst also requiring a highly flexible and customisable solution, along with special contract terms that conform to Chinese practice.

By partnering with Zenlayer, they were able to gather all their necessary resources in Southeast Asia and enable end-users to go live within just 2 weeks. This speed to market was helped by Zenlayer integrating its engineering and logistics resources to support the customer's custom IT architecture. Zenlayer also ensured that the solution was compatible with Chinese business practices and the special terms and conditions required.


In each of these cases, Zenlayer & Telin Singapore was the ideal partner for several key reasons. Firstly, Telin Singapore's parent company is Telkom Indonesia, the leading Indonesian telco with 70 per cent of the market share. Thanks to this partnership and their proprietary-owned, seamless submarine cables connecting Indonesia, Singapore and the rest of the world, Telin can provide companies with the lowest latency connectivity across the entire archipelago of Indonesia.

Secondly, both Zenlayer & Telin Singapore offers the flexibility to clients to grow and scale their infrastructure in line with their needs, helping them control initial costs, whilst also ensuring the capability for rapid growth when needed. This is made possible by software defined networking, meaning that the provision of power, bandwidth and rack space is automated, offering flexibility unlike other providers.

Thirdly, having already worked with major Chinese digital companies, Zenlayer & Telin Singapore understand the contract terms required to conform with Chinese business practices. The integrated solutions of colocation, network and edge computing services from both companies will continue to support many Chinese enterprises seeking to expand to Southeast Asia and beyond.

"Southeast Asia is one of the most important region for Chinese enterprises seeking to expand globally. Our partnership will continue to help enterprises expand digitally to Indonesia through world-class colocation and connectivity solutions." Said Joe Zhu, Founder and CEO of Zenlayer.


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