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Software Defined soon to be board room topic: Pankaj Prasad,Gartner

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
There are no clear trends in the direction of SDx but 2016 will be the year of emergence of SDx protocols, says Pankaj Prasad, principal research analyst, Gartner

Software Defined or SDe or SDx is the hottest technology in enterprise market in 2015. And it is poised to have more adoption by enterprises in 2016. Pankaj Prasad, principal research analyst, Gartner demystifies the hype and reality around software defined for India market.

What is overall market size of SDx in India in 2015? Is there any data points that Gartner measures? 

We do not track the market size of India. The other aspect is that there is no specific metric for SDx. We however captured SDx data in a different manner. Globally, the software part is 500 million dollars and it is 1.1 billion dollars for hardware.(this is for SDI related software and hardware that empowers SDI)

SDN is witnessing more traction and it is more matured compared to others in India. And software defined storage (SDS) closely follows it and when we say closely we can take it with a pinch of salt. Other forms of SDx will take more time - as an example - software defined compute will not emerge as a major disruptive way for at least next two years.

Any roadblocks by Indian CIOs or Indian companies to go software defined route completely?

The organizations are already invested in technologies. SDs is an architecture on top of the beautiful building of IT infrastructure. In software defined you just look at the layer of bricks, and your architecture is like a hologram or something different than layer of bricks. Having said that, it is not easy job to scrap the part. In fact it is not recommended to retro fit existing IT infrastructure with something which is software defined.

However companies going across to cloud or newer infra or new set ups, they are more curious about adapting SDx. However for them stabilizing existing environment in cloud is a priority. There are other issues with SDx like vendor lock in, maturity curve and fewer success stories.

What are the major factors driving the organizations to become SDx enabled?

Let's talk about software defined in different language. We are looking at digital business growing in a big way. In fact almost 9 percentile is expected across industries as a growth factor from digital revenues. How do we link them to software defined? Digital, bimodal all these are the kind of the cultural shift. The technological shift of software defined is the key driver. The concepts like digital bimodal demand agility, fluidity and anywhere compute. You cannot have a person drive to the datacenter and for the plugging and unplugging which will take entire day. Do it at flick of button and change few codes. Agility is the major factor besides programmability, control, visibility as other ones for SDx.


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