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Software Defined soon to be board room topic: Pankaj Prasad,Gartner

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
There are no clear trends in the direction of SDx but 2016 will be the year of emergence of SDx protocols, says Pankaj Prasad, principal research analyst, Gartner

Will Software Defined become a board room topic for enterprises?

It is not an immediate board room topic but in near future. Both organizations- IT and Business - are more keen to safe-guard their existing investments. It is definitely a topic but not a core one. If it comes up -at the start, middle and end of the discussion: It will probably crop up at the end (of board room discussions) as - "are we thinking about software defined?"

Where do you see the adoption curve lie for Software defined? Where will rubber hit the road for these technologies?

There are no clear trends in the direction of SDx in terms of verticals or segment size. However 2016 will be the year of evolution. A year where protocols for SDx will emerge. Private cloud and hybrid cloud providers and even users will look at the software defined first. That trend will increase. But from end user not much is expected, however the disruption from market perspective will be huge

SDX is not an overhype and it is real. It will evolve. SDN adoption is much higher and continue faster followed by SDS. The speed of adoption will be determined by factors like - providing the freedom to end user community to choose between vendors, exhibiting maturity to separate talk from actual matter where one vendor said something and other vendor counters that claim. That kind of jostling, proper protocols and evolution of standards are few inhibitors to SDx.

Source: Computerworld India 


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