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10 mobile startups to watch

Jon Gold | Jan. 21, 2015
These wireless startups are doing a lot more than making snazzier iPhone cases.


Founded: January 2012

Funding: $14.5 million

GPS is great and all, but it does have its downsides it's not all that accurate to a matter of feet or inches, and forget about using it inside. IndoorAtlas' mapping and location technology, however, is based on tiny variances in the Earth's magnetic field. It's accurate, the company says, to within about 3 to 6 feet.


Founded: January 2013

Funding: $10 million

The mobile web is not everyone's cup of tea, it must be said. As fast as smartphones have become, the browsing experience is still not as fluid as on a full-sized computer. Wildcard wants to shrink a lot of web content into "cards"- little packages of pre-rendered data that, supposedly, load much more quickly.


Founded: 2014

Funding: private

A lot of the most important mobile technologies of recent vintage revolve around sharing. Share your location info, share your contact lists, share those saucy selfies. The hell with that, says Blackphone, a joint venture between Silent Circle and Geeksphone. The company's eponymous product features a heavy emphasis on security and privacy, boasting a custom Android operating system and several baked-in services for private messaging and file sharing.

XOEye Technologies

Founded: 2010

Funding: $1.4 million

XOEye Technologies bills its flagship product as industrial wearables, which is accurate enough the idea is to provide a remote viewing ability for managers and co-workers of employees working on complicated industrial tasks, using a pair of customized smart glasses.

Semantic Machines

Founded: June 2014

Funding: ?

Semantic Machines is a Boston-based startup that's still at least partially under wraps but founder and CEO Dan Roth's LinkedIn page contains tantalizing hints about what's to come: natural language processing and artificial intelligence, with the aim of creating advanced voice-enabled mobile agents. Look out, Watson.


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