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10 reasons why the desktop PC will live forever

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal | Oct. 10, 2012
Steve Jobs piqued consumer curiosity when he unveiled the iPad and declared "the post-PC era has begun." And now with the imminent release of Windows 8 RT tablets—low-powered slates running a touch-friendly version of Office—it might seem that perhaps the world actually can live without desktop computers.

Desktops are not portable. Not portable at all. And this is a good thing when it comes to security and durability. Because desktops don't move very muchif at allthey're fairly secure from theft. There's pretty much no chance that you'll lose your desktop on the train, or that someone will steal your desktop from the library. And even if someone happens to break into your house, they're unlikely to take your desktop, which has to be unplugged from the wall and transported with all of its attached peripherals to be of the most use to your thief.

Also, because your desktop never moves, it never gets bumped or dropped or scratched in your bag. A desktop can easily last several yearsmore if you're upgrading it piece-by-piecewhile a laptop will often fall victim to an unfortunate spill.

You can build your own desktop

Anyone can build a desktop PC. Seriouslyanyone!

Not only are there tons of websites and articles dedicated to helping people build their own systems, the components also are readily available. Towers and cases can cost as little as $19 (check out this DIYPC DIY-5823 from, while a second-generation Intel Core i5-2500K processorthe same processor that we currently use in our PC testing modelis just $220.

By comparison, building a laptop is&tricky, if not impossible. Components are more expensive and less powerful, and you have to get them to fit inside a laptop chassis. There's pretty much no chance you can build a laptop from the ground up, eitheryou'll have to pick out a bare-bones laptop and upgrade it as much as the chassis allows.

Long live the desktop!

Don't get me wronglaptops, tablets, and smartphones are undeniably essential to most people's modern-day lives. But as long as desktops are cheaper, more powerful, and more versatile, they'll always have a place.


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