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10 reasons why Windows 8 makes sense for business

Tony Bradley | Jan. 4, 2013
Upgrading PC operating systems is an expensive and time-consuming process for businesses, and usually demands retraining a technically challenged workforce. Now Windows 8 threatens to make workplace system swaps even less attractive than before.

The SkyDrive app on the Windows 8 Start screen provides quick access to data stored in the cloud. You can easily add files to SkyDrive from the Share charm in the Windows 8 charms bar, and data stored in SkyDrive is available from virtually anywhere, over just about any Web-connected device.

Businesses that subscribe to Office 365 Small Business Premium get a more robust approach to cloud storage. The SkyDrive Pro app provides essentially the same benefits and functionality as SkyDrive, but it ties back to SharePoint and delivers more collaborative tools and better IT management for data than the personal SkyDrive account does.

9. New Task Manager

The Task Manager has always been a powerful but underused tool in Windows. In Windows 8, though, it receives a complete makeover that makes it both easier to use, and more valuable than ever.

The new Task Manager is more polished, presenting information in a more coherent and visually appealing way. Microsoft has enhanced familiar tabs such as Processes and Performance to include more detail--for instance, enabling you to drill down and see the resources in use for each separate tab or window for apps that have multiple instances. A new tab called Startup lets you view and manage applications that load automatically when Windows boots up.

10. Windows to Go

You'll have to use Windows 8 Enterprise in order to take advantage of Windows to Go, but for many businesses, that version of Windows is worth its higher price. Windows to Go lets you store an entire Windows 8 environment on a bootable USB thumb drive or other removable media.

Using Windows to Go has some tremendous benefits. IT admins or tech support personnel can carry their Windows 8 PC with them in their pocket. The feature also supports BYOD (bring your own device) scenarios: Users can boot to a managed Windows 8 environment via Windows to Go so that their work environment doesn't interfere with their personal profile; and the business can protect itself from rogue, unpatched systems.

Bottom line

Windows 8 dramatically overhauls the aesthetics and interface--as well as the features and functionality--of the traditional Windows operating system. It's unlikely that all ten of these beneficial aspects of Windows 8 will apply to your business, but even if only a few do, they could yield a difference in efficiency or productivity for an edge over the competition.


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