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10 top creative tools and apps for the iPad

Rob Clymo | Feb. 25, 2013
Apple’s tablet is tailor-made for touchscreen creativity – as are many iOS apps. Here are 10 of the most inspiring examples


3. ArtRage


If you love painting, then a tablet is the perfect medium for unleashing your creative spirit when you're away from your paints. The ArtRage app is an amazing little chunk of software that has all the tools you'll need to produce exquisite works of art, and all without getting a drop of paint on your fingers.

Open up the program and you're transported into a virtual artist's studio, with an array of oils and watercolours at your disposal and, of course, an unlimited supply of (virtual) blank canvas on which to dabble with your brushes.

The sensitivity and interaction is spot on, and it's possible to blend and brush just as you would in the real world. The whole experience is remarkably lifelike, especially when you use the palette and start applying liberal globs of paint to your work. The blending actions and overall end results are generally top-notch, although this depends on how talented you are in the first place. However, even if you're not quite Picasso, don't despair. This is a real blast, and it's possible to while away hours perfecting your digital canvas.


4. Brushes 3


If it's good enough for someone like David Hockney, then Brushes must be perfect for beginners, right? Well, granted you'll need a small streak of creativity, but the interface on this app provides everything else you need to produce works of art on your tablet. There's a whole range of brushes, complete with different presets, you can select colours with speed and efficiency, and any gaffes you make can be undone in a tap, meaning that you can correct work as you go.

There's also a sort of automated record of how you produced your image, which is a good way to see what design and painting traits you might have, while also amusing others along the way. When you're done applying your brushstrokes, the whole resulting masterpiece can be shared with family and friends using a Tweet function, or via email or printing.


5. Keynote


This app from Apple can often be overlooked, but take a closer look inside its presentation software and you'll be pleasantly surprised. What's more, if you've ever had to wrestle with PowerPoint, then you'll know just how clunky and out-dated that can be. Keynote is perfect for anyone who wants all the tools to put together a presentation, but also needs to create on the move. If you've been used to working with PowerPoint previously, then this will prove to be a revelation.


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