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10 top creative tools and apps for the iPad

Rob Clymo | Feb. 25, 2013
Apple’s tablet is tailor-made for touchscreen creativity – as are many iOS apps. Here are 10 of the most inspiring examples

Keynote has a clean and simple layout and work area, allowing you to assemble slides with pinpoint precision. Better still, there's a whole pile of sophisticated options for adding content, such as animations and other interactive elements, that will bring your presentation alive. Drop in pictures and images, then export it as a finished package, and your next creative briefing should prove to be a runaway success story. You can even export files in the PowerPoint format if you're so inclined.


6. Sketchbook Pro


If you're a fan of drawing, then Sketchbook Pro will prove a surefire hit. This incredibly clever application offers up a whole range of professional-level drawing and painting tools that provide power and precision, and the controls are pretty easy to master, too. It has a wide array of canvas options and makes the most of your tablet touchscreen and sensitivity controls. Adding to the fun is a raft of tools that include high-quality brushes, while the capacity for working with layers means that producing multi-layered documents is straightforward.

Pressure-sensitive controls mean that, with practice, you can soon be producing works of art in all kinds of freehand styles, using the collection of everything from pencils and pens through to deluxe brushes. If you need to make more complex tweaks further down the line, then your work can also be exported as layered Photoshop files, so it's one for the pros among you, too.


7. Paper by FiftyThree


A tablet device makes a great place to work using a freehand style, and Paper by FiftyThree is just the app that'll help you become even more productive. This easy-to-use program has an enticing interface, making it easy to jot down or sketch ideas and inspiration while you're on the go. If you're a graphic designer, then it's an ideal supplement to your more powerful software tools. However, because Paper is free, it's well worth installing to try out if you're more of a casual scribbler. There's a neat little collection of tool options and a pretty simple colour palette to work with.

Add the fact that the sensitivity of the ink pens and water brush options are very realistic, and you'll be getting creative bursts in all manner of locations. Needless to say, there's also plenty of integration for sharing your creations, and completed doodles, illustrations and other works of art can be delivered to family, friends and work colleagues via the usual channels such as Twitter and Facebook.


8. Snapseed


Snapseed is a hugely popular app, and that's for a whole range of very good reasons. If you like to work with digital images in any kind of capacity, then it's a must-have - and the fact that it costs nothing to get hold of makes it even more of a steal. There are oodles of tools for letting you wrangle your shots into shape here, with simple enhance, transform and sharing options sitting alongside a wealth of more powerful tools for squeezing that extra something special out of otherwise lacklustre images.


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