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12 missing features we'd still love to see in Windows 8.1

Brad Chacos | July 1, 2013
Windows 8.1 changes a lot about the core Windows 8 experience, but it can be so much better if Microsoft adds just a bit more.

Try it yourself
But for all my griping, Windows 8.1 truly does a decent job of paving over Windows 8's worst flaws. Will it convince haters to stop worrying and love the Live Tiles? Not at all. But it does make the experience far less jarring than the initial Windows 8 release.

Don't take my word for it, though. While the release date for a final version of the update has yet to be announced, you--yes, you--can try out the preview version of Windows 8.1 today, assuming you're the adventurous type who doesn't mind giving prelaunch operating system builds a whirl. Check out our guide to installing the Windows 8.1 preview--but prepare your PC for that OS-level tinkering first.


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