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14 tips for creating business videos customers will want to watch

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff | April 11, 2014
Video marketing and communications experts share their top tips on how to create a business video that will get maximum views and shares -- with no cats involved.

So if you have to shoot the video yourself, "don't rely on the camera's built-in microphone," says Somers. Instead, "make sure you're using an external microphone to get the best audio."

4. Have a clear, simple message — and minimize (or cut) the corporate jargon. "A successful business video is simple to understand," says Deborah Sweeney, CEO,, a provider of online document filing services.

"Customers are looking to understand what your business can do for them or how you can help them solve a problem," Sweeney says. "If your video is too detailed and complicated, viewers will click away and search for something simpler. So make sure your video is "compelling, brief and focused on a specific message."

"Too often we try to cram in every benefit or feature about our business in a single video," says Stephen Murphy, the owner of Bamboo Interactive. So "keep your message to one or two main points and cut the rest; your audience will reward you with their attention."

Lastly, "cut out [or minimize the use of] words containing '-ization,' such as, 'globalization,' 'utilization,' etc., and avoid overused business words [such as] 'innovate,' 'disrupt,' etc.," says Eddie Rice, a speech writer at Custom Speech Writing. "To make this happen, take the script and highlight all of the jargon — and then get someone not familiar with your industry to find the jargon and useless phrases." Then replace jargon with easy to understand words and phrases.

5. Keep it short. "Fifty-three percent of people viewing business videos leave after one minute," says Eric Guerin, executive producer,Adelie Studios. "So edit. Then when you think you're done, edit some more," he says. "Being concise helps keep your audience engaged and drives them to whatever your call to action is."

That said, "A 2012 research study by the etailing group found that more than one-third of consumers (37 percent) will spend more than three minutes watching a video if it helps them make a decision," says Somers. So rather than picking "an arbitrary time limit to your business videos, decide what information your customers or consumers need to have and deliver it in a concise, compelling way."

6. Don't forget SEO. "A good business video is optimized for SEO," says Ken Wisnefski, the founder and CEO of WebiMax, an Internet marketing company. "Adding keywords in the title, description and tags, and uploading a transcript, will ensure that your video is easily found by people searching your brand name or keywords associated with your products, services or industry."

7. Include a call to action. "Like any other content marketing channel, your video should have a clear, direct call to action at the end," advises Murphy. "Don't miss this opportunity to take an engaged audience and point them to the next step of your sales funnel. It can be as simple as asking them to subscribe to your newsletter, or to call for more information."


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