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14 tips for creating business videos customers will want to watch

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff | April 11, 2014
Video marketing and communications experts share their top tips on how to create a business video that will get maximum views and shares -- with no cats involved.

"Always include a call to action at the end that will get them moving toward your website, picking up the phone or connecting with you on social media," says Christa Freeland, marketing manager, Powershift Ventures, a venture capital company. "Let the viewer know how they can engage with you further and learn more about your company if interested."

8. Brand your video(s). "A branded title card design makes your video look polished and professional," notes Shannon Stull Carrus, creative director, Whoiscarrus, an advertising agency. "A title card can also be reused for new videos, keeping all of your company's videos brand consistent."

9. Add music. "The effect of an appropriate music selection can't be understated," says Kevin Pallotti, assistant video producer and editor at Symmetry Partners, an investment advisory firm. "Whether it's a melody that plays gently in the background or a catchy beat that's synchronized to the movement of your video, the right piece of music can generate an entertaining atmosphere for the viewer," he says. And adding music to your video needn't be expensive. "Royalty free music comes in all price ranges; there is something for every budget."

10. Feature real employees or customers (if relevant). "Many potential customers will be drawn to the authenticity of real people in a company video," says Greenwood. "The customer will have the opportunity to get to know the actual people at the business, and it won't come off as a slick corporate video."

11. Remember that clothes can make (or break) a video. "When it comes to on-camera appearances, solid colors are always recommended over patterns or stripes," explains Jayson Schkloven, senior vice president and partner at Merritt Group, a communications firm. "Complex patterns and lines do not look good on camera and often cause what is known as the moiré effect... [where] the stripes or patterns appear to move on camera."

Also, make sure subjects' appearance is consistent with your brand or the image you want to project about your company or brand. For example, a talking head for a financial advisory firm should probably wear a suit and tie (as opposed to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt). And make sure the outfit is clean and neat — no stains, wrinkles, rips or loose threads, which can be distracting (unless you are trying to highlight them).

12. Think mobile. "Marketers have a real opportunity to expand their influence with consumers on the go. So make sure your videos are optimized for playback across a variety of mobile devices," says Stark. "For example, Biltmore, which operates the George Vanderbilt historic estate, makes the mansion and garden come alive in a [ series of videos] that are optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices."


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