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16 things you should know how to do with Siri

Dan Miller | April 28, 2014
Siri is, of course, a marvel of modern technology. But it's also one of those things that a lot of us don't use as much as we could or should. So a couple of Macworld editors, particularly Senior Editor Dan Frakes, put together the following list of 16 things we think everybody should know how to do using Siri.

11. Find a restaurant] If you use Yelp or another app to find nearby restaurants, give Siri a try instead. "Are there any good delis nearby?" shows you a list, along with prices, location, and Yelp ratings. (You can search by location, cuisine, price, and indoor/outdoor seating — or any combination of features.) Tap a listing to get detailed information. And if you've ever used Open Table to make reservations, you'll be thrilled to know that you can say "Find me a table for four for dinner tonight" to see nearby restaurants with openings; tap one to make the reservation. You can even check for reservations at a specific restaurant: "Book me a table for two at 7pm at The Romantic Candle."

12. Launch apps Siri can launch apps directly. Just say "Open app name" and Siri will open that app — assuming there's only one with that name. Note that if your phone is locked, Siri will prompt you to unlock it before the app can be opened.

13. Control iTunes You can of course launch the Music app using Siri, but why bother when Siri can start playback for you? Say, "Play playlist Road Trip," and Siri begins playback of the playlist called Road Trip." Other things you can tell Siri to play include artist names, album names, and track names; it also works with iTunes Radio.

14. Interact with social media If your hands are occupied, Siri can post to Twitter or Facebook for you. For example, say, "Tweet that the scenery in Napa is beautiful," or "Post to Facebook that the weather in Seattle is surprisingly sunny today," and Siri does the rest. But did you know you can also search Twitter? Say "What are people saying on Twitter about the Giants?" and Siri will show you some tweets about the topic. Similarly, say "What's Dan Moren saying?" and Siri shows you that person's most recent 10 messages.

15. Follow sports You don't need to unlock your phone and open your favorite sports-news app to get the latest scores. Just say "What's the score of the Bears game?" and Siri tells you. But Siri actually knows a lot more about sports than that. For example, you can say things like, "Who's in first place in the National League West?" "What's Brandon Belt's batting average?" or "Who do the Bulls play next?" to get detailed information about teams, players, and schedules.

16. Find out about movies Siri also knows movies. You may know that you can ask Siri about movie showtimes, but try asking about particular movies and actors: "Is the new Captain America movie any good?" "What time is Grand Budapest Hotel showing?" "What movies had both Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?" Siri shows you the results, and you can tap any movie or rating to get more info — you can even view trailers for current movies. Tap a theater to view the theater's location in the Maps app.


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