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20 computer terms every Mac user should know

Christopher Breen | July 5, 2013
Puzzled by tech terms thrown around by acronym acolytes? Professor Breen sets you straight.

I mentioned earlier that the wired network speeds you can achieve are only as fast as the two devices that are communicating—two Macs on your network, for example. Another benefit of a switch is that it allows devices to operate at their optimal speed when talking to each other. For example, if you want to transfer data between two late-model Macs that have ethernet ports, you'll get gigabit ethernet speeds as these computers support this standard. The switch won't demand that they slow down simply because a 100Base-T device is also attached to the network.

And there are more
Geeks don't have a lot going for them other than brains, good looks, and a fervent love of acronyms. That love has created enough technical terms to fill a large and weighty tome. Fascinating though it may be to drop such terms in casual conversation, they're generally not helpful in day-to-day discourse. What I've defined should help make some common geek gobbledegook clearer.


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