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3 mobile games that help you get things done

Liane Cassavoy | June 8, 2015
Yes, it's true. You can be a better, more productive worker simply by playing a few games.

HabitRPG can boost your productivity if you follow its rules, but setting it up and remembering to mark off the items you do or don't complete can be something of a time suck. Its graphics are rudimentary, so sophisticated game players may be turned off, too. But it's simple enough to use and offers a fun way to stay on top of all those boring tasks you need to complete.

Saving money. It's something we all should be doing, whether we're trying to pay down a debt or launch a new business. But, honestly, it's just not all much fun. Saveup, a free iOS app, tries to make it more enjoyable by rewarding you for making good financial decisions.

To use Saveup, you link your various financial accounts, from credit cards to mortgage loans and savings accounts. I found this process simple, as Saveup included direct links for adding accounts from national banks, like Chase and Bank of America, as well as those from small banks, like the one down the street from my house. When you make a smart financial decision, such as paying down a credit card or putting money in a 401K account, Saveup rewards you with credits. You earn 1 credit for every $2 paid to a credit card or every $1 added to your savings. You also earn credits for adding accounts and watching educational videos.

Once you earn enough credits, you can exchange them for a chance to win various prizes, which include items like store and restaurant gift cards, money, and even cars and vacations. The games you play to win the prizes, which typically include revealing digital cards and looking for matches, feel a lot like you're playing a scratch lottery ticket, albeit virtually. They're fun, but they do seem slightly out of place in an app that's touting financial responsibility. Still, Saveup is easy to use and it makes saving money seem fun and exciting.


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